Ever know the best West Lake Dragon Well Tea?

West Lake Dragon Well

West Lake Dragon Well, China’s green tea in the long-standing reputation of the top ten famous tea.

And the Mingqian West Lake Dragon Well, is a rich connotation with mellow taste and fresh aroma becoming the hearts of countless tea lovers “white moonlight”.

The spring of taste buds is started by it.

West Lake Dragon Well

Genuinely produced within the scope of geographical indications

West Lake Dragon Well can be referred to as ” Dragon Well or Longjing” for short.

On the flip side, it may not.

Even the popular opinion says that many people, in fact, never drank the real West Lake Dragon Well.

Exaggerated or not, it is a matter of opinion.

But the production area, indeed, is the primary factor that should be concerned when buying and drinking West Lake Dragon Well.

Our Mingqian West Lake Dragon Well, produced in Longmenkan Village, Qutang Street, West Lake District, is within the scope of the geographical indication, authentic West Lake Dragon Well.

Dragon Well Green Tea

Drinking tea, the fundamental is in the “taste”, but also not only “taste”.

On the one hand, the high-quality regional soil microclimate of the West Lake production area has shaped the unique freshness and sweetness in the DNA of West Lake Dragon Well.

On the other hand, the West Lake in Hangzhou is extremely poetic and storytelling birthplace, but also gives the West Lake Dragon Well more inherent temperament and symbol.

Out of this more than 100 square kilometers, there is no high-quality Dragon Well Tea.

But West Lake Dragon Well, there is only one!

Fine, refined, elaborate, none less

A good cup of West Lake Dragon Well starts from the fresh leaf picking.

The picking standards of tender, even, clean and fresh lay a solid foundation for the quality of finished tea; followed by moderate drying and spreading to disperse the greenness and moisture of fresh leaves.

In this way, on the one hand, it increases the aroma of tea, improves the content of amino acids, increases the freshness, and at the same time, facilitates the finished tea to form a better green and glossy appearance.

West Lake Dragon Well

Next, is the technical content of 100% “making” West Lake Dragon Well.

For good West Lake Dragon Well, there are three points depends on the tea green, seven points depends on the frying process.

Green pot, back moist, hui pot… Shaking, banding, squeezing, flinging, jerking, topping, snapping, grasping, pressing, grinding, the ten major techniques are necessary.

Hand-fried West Lake Dragon Well, is a technique of fine craftsmanship, but also a highly ornamental art.

The advantages are: you can adjust the technique, temperature and strength according to the tea frying situation at the right time, and the finished tea will have better appearance, aroma and higher quality.

The “disadvantages” are also very prominent: higher cost, more difficult, and more time and effort spent.

Therefore, every year, although the quality of the Mingqian tea is high, but the quantity is few.

But good tea is deserved to wait, our Mingqian West Lake Dragon Well truly worth it!

Fresh, mellow and sweet on the tongue

What makes Mingqian West Lake Dragon Well so precious?

Because it’s not only in its small amount, but also in its sense of energy that spurts out after three seasons of accumulation.

Green color, rich aroma, mellow taste, beautiful shape, in the “fresh” as the keynote of the green tea system, West Lake Dragon Well is the undisputed “ceiling”.

The yellowish greenish brown rice color, flat and glossy, with a slender shape like a delicate bookmark.

West Lake Dragon Well

After brewing, the soup color is light and bright, and the buds and leaves are spreading like flowers blooming.

On the nose, the fragrance of bean blossoms is fresh and tender, and the fragrance of orchids is elegant; in the mouth, it is mellow and fresh, thick and sweet, with a slight astringency followed by a continuous freshness that permeates the entire mouth from the tip of the tongue.

Choose the right person, drink the right tea

The fresh spirit and the richness of the contents of West Lake Dragon Well make the tea lovers who love spring tea fascinated and forgetful.

West Lake Dragon Well’s multiple meanings and the great difference in price, and many admirers confused, even discouraged.

Origin, type, process, price …… true or false, always confusing and fascinating.

So as the saying goes, leave the professional things (tea selection and tea making) to the professional people.

Drinking tea is the simple thing.

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