Do you know how to brew ripe puerh tea the right way?

I believe tea lovers know that ripe puerh tea is good. Ripe puerh tea is a fermented food. It is mild in nature and does not hurt the stomach. It has the effect of reducing fats and oils and helps to lower cholesterol, high blood pressure and digestion. It is very helpful for people who want to lose weight. It is suitable for people of all ages.

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Ripe puerh tea has many advantages and a wide audience. It is not easy to brew ripe puerh tea with good flavor, aroma, taste and rhythm. If you are not careful, it is easy to brew a “raw color”. It is not that the tea is bad, but your method is wrong. This may seem simple, but it has a profound meaning. Take the newly made ripe puerh tea as an example. If the new tea lovers cannot master the amount of tea brewed, the tea soup brewed in the purple sand pot will be bitter and astringent, and the color will be darker. For tea lovers who like to brew old ripe puerh tea, it is not easy to brew old ripe puerh tea.

It is not easy to make old ripe puerh tea to get rid of the impurities sometimes during the storage process. To brew good ripe puerh tea, the selection of tea utensils is a major point. Here I will take you to see how to choose the tea utensils for brewing puerh tea. To brew a good cup of ripe puerh tea, you must first figure out the tea nature of ripe puerh tea and combine it with the brewing process so that the flavor of ripe puerh tea can be perfectly displayed.

Pu-erh-Tea Drnk

Here is an example of Bai Liyao‘s (a Chinese tea brand) “Golden Needle White Lotus” to show you how to brew ripe puerh tea.

  • Tea set preparation: tea lovers can try brewing in a covered bowl if they master the amount of tea and the time to make soup. Here, take the Bai Liyao cup as an example.
  • Warm cup to wash tea: Pour 100°C boiling water into a tea set such as a lidded bowl, pour out once after scalding. Pour the weighed puerh ripe tea into the cover bowl, moisten the tea with boiling water and wash the tea surface. Pour the tea broth into the main cup and tea cup for deodorization, and finally pour out.
  • Formal brewing: When brewing ripe puerh tea, it is best to use 100°C boiling water and add water in a low turn. The soup coming out of the first 3 – 5 bubbles should not be stuffy, meanwhile, the tea soup should be completely emptied. 5-8 bubbles can be adjusted according to the taste of the tea soup. For example, if the taste is lighter in the fifth bubble, then in the sixth bubble, you can add 10-20 seconds of mulling time to make the soup.

Note: The water should not be too fast, too slow or too steady throughout the infusion process. During the brewing process, do not stir, shake, or stir the bottom of the tea. Doing so will make the tea broth cloudy and make the tea taste watered down.

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