Premium Spring Anji White Tea (250g)


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  • FEATURES: Anji White Tea is one kind of green tea in Zhejiang of China, although its name is Anji White Tea, it is still a kind of green tea. The Anji White Tea straight leaves produce a lasting fragrance that is both unique in taste, Anji White Tea is particularly rich in amino acids, it is also with low caffeine.
  • TASTE: Anji White Tea is unusual from other teas that the spring bud is tender and presents a white color. Anji White Tea is with a sweet fresh grass fragrance and a lively citrus flavour. The tea has complex and intriguing floral aromas. The taste is vivacious and exuberant combine sweet flavour with slight bean aroma.
  • VINTAGE: Anji White Tea leaves appear off-white during early spring, It as picked before Gu Yu (April 20) at an elevation of 500-800m, straight strips with one tea bud and one or two leaves, yellow green in color. The harvest start from early spring and last about a month. The standard picking is one shoot with one or two tender leaves under one inch long. 
  • BREWING: Loose Leaf Anji White Tea can be brewed as hot tea, we suggest you drink the original flavor of this tea. Research has shown green tea still retain about 50 to 75% of the good compound even after processing.


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