Liu An Gua Pian Melon Slice Green Tea (250g)


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  • FEATURES: Lu An Guan Pian is made from green tea leaves from region of the Qiyun Mountain in Lu An County, Anhui Province. This tea is in lamellar shape that resembling the seeds of sunflower, hence named ‘melon seeds slice’. The name ‘melon seeds slice’ is now simplified as ‘melon slice’. It is a Luxury green tea.
  • TASTE: Liu An Gua Pian is one of the thickest and intense green teas we’ve tasted, producing a smooth and rich liquor with minimal vegetal notes. The aroma of the tea, amazingly, resembles the smell of fresh roasted sunflower seeds. The flavor is rich without astringency, the pleasant floral sweetness of this tea gradually fills your mouth.
  • VINTAGE: The fresh tea leaves picked to produce melon slice are much different from that for other famous teas. After plucking one bud with two or three leaves from the tea plant, the producers separate the full-blown leaves from the tender leaves in time. Following that, both leaf tip and stalk are cut from the full-blown leaves. So each single leaf of melon slice has no bud nor stalk. 
  • BREWING: The Melon Seeds Green Tea can be brewed as hot tea, we suggest you drink the original flavor of this tea. Research has shown green tea still retain about 50 to 75% of the good compound even after processing. Caffeinated Green tea warms you up in winter and picks you up in the summertime.


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