Royal Anhua Fucha Tea Brick Dark Tea Golden Flower Tea (318g)


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  • [Special Taste and material]: First-class raw green dark tea material slected by tea master, picked according to the way: one bud and 2-3 leaves, and traditional drying by wood fire. This dark tea has a smooth surface, it has a black and clean color, after unclench this tea brick, you will find much blooming golden flowers inside, tea’s soup is bright red, mellow and with thick smoky tastes.
  • [Benefits]: Dark tea can help aid digestion for those not sensitive to caffeine. Because it is mildly antiseptic, dark tea can clear bad bacteria from your belly. Its calm, smooth flavor can soothe the stomach when consumed hot.
  • [Traditional technology]: Raw material of this anhua golden flower tea was collected in 2020/2021, the fresh tea material were dealed, and rolled into withering leaves, rolled, chopped, moisten pile, and then golden flower will come out, after this step, tea was dry and then pre-packed.
  • [Repeated Infusions]: In a dry form – tea sheet with a characteristic aroma is made into tea brick. At brewing the tea leaf is extended out completely, without changing colors, can be brew more than 3 infusions.
  • [Worth To Collect]: Anhua Dark tea is more and more popular – dark tea is special, the longer the storage of tea, more rare to get, because the dark tea is deeply fermented team fermented for more than 80 percent, so the long the storage time, the more concentrated flavor, and this is why it is worth to collect and store.


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