Premium Oolong Tea 100% Detox Weight Loss Tea


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  • Good Weight Loss Tea. Weight loss is the combined effort of a healthy diet and exercise. And the caffeine in this oolong tea may help you feel energized and build momentum as you exercise.
  • Traditional Oolong, especially those of fine quality, involve unique natural roasting technique, strong sun and oxidation, before curling and twist into form.
  • Our Oolong teas are 100% Natural. No Additives, No Oils and No Essence. Non-GMO, 100% Vegan and Gluten Free, No Artificial Flavors or preservatives or sweeteners or colors, making it an excellent choice of beverage for your health-conscious guests.
  • A typical cup of oolong tea has about 30-40mg of caffeine,and a cup of coffee ranges from 100-180mg.

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