Premium Xinyang Maojian Green Tea (250g)


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  • Maojian literally means “hairy tips” referring to the appearance of the tea leaves. Henan’s Xinyang prefecture has been famous for its Maojian tea since the Tang dynasty.
  • What make it different are the skillful hand movements of rolling, adjusted to the heat and softness or dryness of the tender leaves. The brewed tea is pale-gold in colour and has a grassy fragrance with a sweet, long lasting aftertaste.
  • Full bodied tea with distinct floral aroma with a hint of cool minty note. Very refreshing aftertaste. Made up of “single bud only” to “one bud one leaf” tea leaves.
  • Xinyang Maojian may be prepared in a standard full-sized teapot, but for best results we recommend using a gaiwan (traditional covered steeping cup). Preheat the gaiwan with hot water and fill with 1-2 teaspoons of leaf. Cover with relatively cool water [60-65C (140-149F)] and infuse for 1 or 3 minutes, adjust time, temperature, and quantity according to your personal preference.


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