Purple Clay Tea Pet Little Pigs Drink Water


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  • Approx 5.2cm x 10.3cm x 5.6cm (please allow 1-2cm error), manual measurement.
  • 100% Brand New and High Quality Purple Clay Material.
  • With beautiful looking and fantastic crafts, the tea pet adds a unique sight on your tea table or desktop.
  • As a special figurine, the tea pet is used for absorbing the filterable tea, and it can also stop the hot tea from splashing out, anti-scalded when you spill over the first tea. It helps to slow down the hot tea that is for washing the tea leaves.
  • Cultivating and nursing tea pet is a culture, for tea ceremony has a long history in China, drinking tea is good for help while cultivating one’s character and taste. It makes your mindset calm and peaceful.


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