Purple Sand Ceramic Portable Teapot Set


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  • Purple Sand Jar: Yixing purple sand has a dense structure, close to porcelain, high strength, small particles, cracks, gravel, etc. Good breathability, hard to taste when making tea, hard to deform, and delicious tea soup.
  • Spout: Small spout, smooth and strong water, mechanics design handle, comfortable holding, built-in filtration hole, moderate size, filter tea fruit.
  • Tea Leaf Canister: Canister mouth is smooth, access is convenient, cotton cloth lid is sealed, clean and hygienic [tea cup] cup mouth is rounded and texture is moist.
  • It is not only used as a portable tea machine for business trips, but also suitable for use in the office or at home alone. The teapot has a filter hole and can hold tea, flower tea, flower tea, fruit tea, etc.
  • Surprise Present: For someone who is laid back, he needs a tea set. After searching for quiet time or short-haul travel, it can be a nice time to have a cup of tea, think about something or talk to friends.

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