Yunnan Classic Aged Fermented Raw Puerh Tea Cake (357g)


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  • 【Pure Natural】The tea leaves for processing the raw puer tea cake are from the old-growth arbors organically grow at high altitude areas in Yunnan of China, which release an aroma as fresh as the air you breathe in the arbors.
  • 【Distinctive Flavor】As raw pu-erh tea doesn’t go through the piling process, it retains a mild fresh scent as well as a little bit of astringency yet a slightly sweet aftertaste, boasting rich flavors and an intricate drinking experience.
  • 【Caffeine Friendly】Drinking a cup of raw pu erh tea can help increase your energy and focus, however, its nice dose of caffeine can keep you alert but not jittery like in the case of coffee, that makes it a good substitute for coffee.
  • 【Health Benefits】High content tea polyphenols and nutrition levels result in raw puer tea¡¯s health benefits, such as anti-oxidation, accelerating digestion, cleansing toxins and helping the body stop producing higher levels of fat, etc.
  • 【Special & Giftable】Standing out from other teas, pu-erh tea¡¯s unique production process allows you to enjoy upon receipt of it or keep it properly aged to further develop flavor, it would be a special manner to gift someone with it.


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