Yunnan Old Ripe Puerh Mini Tea Cakes Gift Box (15pcs)


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  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Our natural loose leaf tea Pu erh tea was grown in Menghai couny of China’s Yunnan province, has a delicious velvety taste and a deep woody-nutty aroma with a mild aftertaste.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGE – We use dried natural bamboo leaves to make environmental-friendly package of our tea cakes, to protect and keep longlasting premium quality of our product.
  • RIPE, NATURAL, TASTY Ecologically clean environment, pollution-free waters and soils of Menghai tea mountains let us produce the healthiest teas. Each of our Ripe Puerh Tea discloses it personal nuance: from woodsy and floral to smoky and nutty.
  • AWAKE TEA – Yunnan Menghai Puerh tea is very invigorating and tonic! Leaves have awakening effect for some people and can be the perfect coffee substitute, contains caffeine and trace elements.
  • COMPACT and HANDY! The pressed cake allows you to easily take a cup of tea with you wherever you go. The tea is pressed, so it’s more portable and less likely to go stale than regular tea.


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