Taiwan Alishan Fresh Oolong Tea


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  • 【Made in Traditional Way】: Our Alishan Tea formosa oolong are hand harvested, and grow slowly due to the thin air in high altitudes, unique natural environment created a leading Alishan Taiwan tea a elegant flavor and perfectly mellow taste.
  • 【Repeated Infusions】: In a dry form – a bright green tea sheet with a characteristic aroma is rolled into granules. At brewing the tea leaf is straightened out completely, without changing colors, can be brew more than 3 infusions.
  • 【Carefully Selected Raw Material】: We selected the raw material according to the traditional principle: a bud and 2 leaves, these soft, tender and lustrous leaves are tightly rolled on the stem into dark green and glossy round shapes, good material will being you a better mouth feeling of Alishan ulong tea.
  • 【Pure Hand-picked Oolong】: You will find some stems when brewing Taiwan oolong tea because our Taiwan oolong loose leaf is hand-picked – All of real Taiwan oolong tea are hand-made at every step. We have a complete Taiwan tea test document and Taiwan customs declaration documents. This product is legally sold and delivered from mainland China.
  • 【Amazing Function】: Gaoshan tea has a large of Powerful natural antioxidants (the single best defence against free radicals which are the main cause of aging), it can turning back the clock.

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