Fuding White Peony Tea Cake Bai Mudan (300g)


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  • WHITE PEONY TEA is a deeply refreshing, sweet and honeyed white tea. The silvery buds and delicate young leaves produce an enchanting infusion with notes of hay meadow, fruity melon and apple blossom freshness.
  • WHITE TEA RETAINS higher levels of polyphenols. This gives white tea an advantage over other tea varietals, as it contains the highest levels antioxidants.
  • Liquor Taste – Loose leaf tea use in tea sets, mugs or cups and brew hot tea or iced tea. Darker yellow color from tea leaves providing more layers of flavor than silver needle, delicious with an interplay of milky, nutty, grassy and slightly fermented.
  • Whole Leaf Tea Benefits – Low caffeinated detox tea helps to anti-aging, boost immune system, and relieve stress same as Silver Needle does.
  • Favorable Price – Compared with silver needles, white peony has a larger output, so the price is more favorable.


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