Emei Mountain Zhu Ye Qing Green Tea (100g)


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  • Zhu Ye Qing is a bud-plucked High Mountain Green Tea tea, with a smooth ‘sparrow tongue’ shape and tiny side leaves, glossy green in color. It means “Green Bamboo Leaf”, a tribute to the tea’s clear liquor and full of life green tea leaves that seemingly dance in the water when infused.
  • This Zhuyeqing Tea is early spring harvested, a very refreshing tea. The taste has a unique sweet flavor with a hint of brisk bouquet in the aroma, vegetal notes similar to asparagus, fresh bamboo shoot.
  • The Bamboo Leaf Green Tea comes from Mout Emei, the grown environment are over 1500 meters above the sea level and covered by thick fog, and heavy mist for most of the year. The nourishing moisture and the soil contribute to the good quality of zhuyeqing tea.
  • The refreshing and soothing aroma of the Zhu Ye Qing tea is sure to relax your body and mind. It contains more antioxidants and is believed to help in lowering blood pressure, preventing tooth decay, and boosting immunity.


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