Established in 2021, Tea Drnk is a newly found but progressive retail establishment in the tea industry in China. Our philosophy is to serve consumers better, offer greater products and give them more than what they pay for.

Through continued partnership with major manufacturers, we are able to receive the best pricing available, creating an outlet of considerable savings for our customers with unbeatable prices and thousands of selections. Our team aims to push the boundaries of service to deliver customers a completely satisfying shopping experience.

Love tea, love life

CEO / Founder

Why do I choose tea? I mean tea is life, especially when I thought of my old dady, we enjoy white tea sip in his last day, and that’s my last warm memory of him…

Love tea, love life

Marketing Director

Yes, we all love tea, for its lasting culture and health value, we just want to share our best tea and service to you…

Love tea, love life

Public Relations

Do you ever thought of health or drink anything organic? That’s important to all of us, cause only if we have a good living then we have everything…

Customer Support

Best of our tea products and service, we can meet your every demand. Most importantly, I will alway be here for you anytime and anywhere…